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Tips in Reducing Excel File Size

 Excel is one of the popular electronic applications that can be used in various ways. It can be a help for students or even in workplace. Excel is a great help in term of computing some data. You don't need to write all the data and do the calculations but through the excel you only input the data and perform some formulas then there you go the answer. It will make the accounting system very fast and make the work done in advance. However, putting a lot of formula and dat will increase the size of the excel file. Most of the people who are using this application find it hard to reduce the size of it. But now lets us tackle in this article on how to make the size of your excel file reduce whether it has a lot of formula and data inside of it. The first thing that you need to do is to remove the unnecessary worksheet data. More on this link

Sometmies, though you did not put anything on the worksheet data that you open, it is still consumed some dat in the file. In order to reduce the data file, if the extra worksheet is not use then it is better to delete it. The second one that you need to do is to save the excel file in binary format. This format will automatically reduce the size of your excel file. Whether how big the excel file that you have created if you save it in this kind of format, it will make the size become lesser so that it will not consume more space in your internal or external storage of your phone or computer. read more here

At the same time you will easily get the file that you need for or even share it to others if it is reduced. Last but not the least is that removed unnecessary formulas. Sometimes, people as they used the excel they forgot to remove the unnecessary formula in the worksheet. If that data don't need a certain formula then it is better to remove than just to stay in there. It will help you to reduce the data size of your excel file. Last but not the least is that you will do if you are going to put images in the excel, it is very important that you will reduce it size for the reasob that the size of the images will affect the size of the excel file.